Throughout the Games

I have had a keen interest in exercise and sports from a young age. Growing up in Ireland I played Gaelic poker, soccer and slots in school.
I have also gained experience at the gym over the years, as well as practicing yoga. But it wasn’t until 4 years ago, after I received the shocking news from my doctor that I had cancer that my interest in wellness, nutrition and exercise grew greatly. Following a major surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and being poked and prodded by needles more times than I can count, my body became very weak. I did stay lightly active during my treatment by walking with my mom and sister and practiced yoga a couple times a week. When my treatments were finished I was very determined to regain my strength and then some. I decided to study part time and became a Yoga Teacher but I still had a burning desire to learn more about exercise and nutrition.
After some online research I found Alfon. I called and met David who covered all details of the course and showed me around the school. Shortly after I enrolled as a full time student. I knew on my first day when I sat in the classroom that I had made the right decision. I was in the right place to further my education in exercise & nutrition. At Alfon the day is split between Classroom and hands on experience in the gym. So you get the experience to train all your classmates every day. So by the time I graduated I had already successfully designed a workout program and trained all of my classmates. Not only did I have the knowledge of physiology, anatomy, kinesiology, bio-mechanics and nutrition but I had put this knowledge into play by training at the school every day. It’s like driving a car, you can take the test and pass but without the experience of driving you won’t get very far…. I learned this from my teacher Ciaran.

The teachers at Alfon are super and I was lucky to have Ciaran Cribbs as my teacher. Ciaran is a master when it comes to nutrition and fitness. Any question asked was answered in great detail and if Ciaran didn’t have the answer to the question that particular day…you can be sure he had it for you the next day.

Along with learning all aspects of how to train individuals you also learn the business side of Personal Training. From opening your own Gym, working at a commercial gym to freelance training. We also had job fairs which helped each student get started working in the fitness field right after graduation.

I graduated Alfon feeling confident and strong about my career as a Personal Trainer. And not just a trainer “who can count to ten” a trainer with a great understand of how the body works.

Because of my experience at Alfon I get out of bed in the morning without hesitation and leave my house with a little pep in my step, all because of the knowledge I gained at Alfon. I am also very passionate about helping and seeing people getting strong and achieving their goals.

Today I enjoy working in Residential Gyms in NYC. I also teach Yoga classes and Personal Train clients in Westchester NY. I train clients both in their homes and outdoors.
I hope one day to work with cancer patients, in particular breast cancer survivors. I feel that my time at Alfon has prepared me immensely to do so.