Powered in the ARX

When I came to arx NYC, the school had only been open for just a few months and I was carrying a little over 200 pounds on a small 5’3 frame. I was prediabetic, with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and Hypothyroidism. I needed to make drastic changes. I was in bad shape.When I walked into the school I had the privilege to meet Harry, Steve & Angela upfront. They all broke down the curriculum and told me first hand about the plans for the school. It was a very new school without accreditations yet.

I immediately fell in love with the vision and mostly the curriculum. I noticed that not only did they offer practical hands on training, (making it easy for inexperienced people like myself, a 200 pound female who never entered a gym) but they covered the understanding of the endocrine system amongst other things.At that point the price was not even a question. I was sold and enrolled. I was determined to understand how fitness effected my hormones, fertility, potential diabetes and hypothyroidism. No other program offered that for me. Still to this day I believe no other school can compare.

At arx my whole existence changed. In just 3 fast months of the course I had new eyes, new drive and a confidence in myself I never knew I was capable of attaining especially in this area. Not only that, I was losing weight while studying. I walked in as an over weight and insecure woman with no direction on how to take control of my health. As I walked out of arx I was fully aware that my prediabetic state was temporary, and my fertility issues, hypothyroid could one day be a thing of the past.

I knew this place needed my success as much as I needed theirs at that moment. I had a sense we were in this together. I believed in them as much as they believed in me. So when asked if I could work as an admissions rep after I graduated, I jumped on the opportunity so fast hoping I could make other people believe in this as much as I did.And I did, I loved working with the school for the time that I did. However, other circumstances came up and I left with good wishes knowing this school would do great things and left with pride knowing I went there for my education.

As the time passed I became more and more focused and dedicated on my health. Changing old habits with new ones. Which wasn’t easy. In the beginning I didn’t immediately work with clients because I had a lot of work to do on myself. I am a firm believer in order to be successful in this area, empathy towards a client plays a huge role. I knew one day I’d be ready to help others but needed to focus on myself first. I was determined with my new knowledge to regulate my hormones with diet and exercise to one day become a mother. Little by little I tackled the hardest choices of my life, removing negative influences. Redirecting my focus and meeting new people that shared the same interests. Who you surround yourself with determines your outcome. I had a new purpose, I found something I loved.

Transforming my life took a little longer than I thought but although it was gradual it was permanent. In 2011 my dream of becoming a mother became a reality. I did it! I actually did it. My son was born. Something I didn’t think possible before my education at arx. Then in 2013 it happened again. I gave birth to another child a little girl. Fitness and health made these dreams come true. arx taught me how! I’m also currently testing normal in my tests for hypothyroidism, PCOS and I haven’t been prediabetic in years! So many people don’t fully understand how fitness and proper diet controls and regulates your health in every way.

Now that I tackled that beast, the other is my physical body! It’s time I celebrate in transforming my frame. To be the true Beast arx taught me I could really be! It is time to look the part. Since then I’ve lost close to 40 pounds . Stay tuned, I feel like I’ve just begun. I feel like I’ve mastered my mind and spirit and now to master this beautifully “flawed” body of mine. Scars, stretch marks, lose skin it’s all mine and I love myself in every way. Battle scars are what they are. I’m rocking it BABY, with a confidence I never imagined having. Right now I’m driven towards a new dream. I’m in the beginning stages of opening a PT fitness center called My Wholistic Makeover. Geared towards awakening women’s mind body and soul. The purpose is to remind women that they’re perfectly and beautifully flawed and to one person something may be a flaw but to others it’s pure perfection. Self love is everything in being successful. Through fitness I hope to empower women of all backgrounds, all fields, all faiths, all ages.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I would absolutely love to meet up with Harry and congratulate him on the newest Florida location myself and talk about our future plans. I am beyond thrilled to hear of the growth of the school. You all are doing such great things for this industry.Harry is such a good leader, humble, driven always uplifting. Inspirational for sure! Made me feel like I could do anything at a time in my life where I thought I couldn’t. When no one else believed in me especially in an area I originally knew nothing in. arx has given me new hope and a new life. I will never forget the time spent there. It was the best time of my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.